Talk Story with EFH

Talk Story sessions will take place on the second Wednesday of every other month from 5:30-7:30PM. These support and networking gatherings will feature an informal presentation from a community organization or group covering a topic relating to epilepsy. They are designed to be informational meetings on current research and resources available to support Hawaii’s epilepsy community. Let us know if there is a topic you would like to learn about for an upcoming meeting.

Most Talk Stories are located at 200 N. Vineyard Blvd – 5th Floor Conference Room, Honolulu, Hi 96817.

For more information or to RSVP, call 808.528.3058 or e-mail

February 13, 2018    The Ambulatory EEG with Insight EEG


An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a test to evaluate the electrical activity of the brain. It is used to help diagnose the presence and type of seizure disorders along with other disturbances that affect the brain. An ambulatory EEG is an EEG that does not need to be performed in a hospital but can be done in a physician’s office or in the comfort of your own home without compromising quality results.


Come Talk Story with EFH and InSight EEG as they discuss the equipment and process used to perform an ambulatory EEG. Certified technicians with their equipment will be available for Q&A and demonstration.

April 11, 2018    

June 13, 2018

August 8, 2018

October 10, 2018

December 12, 2018


February 8, 2017 – This Talk Story will feature the Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii. They provides parents with training and assistance to help improve the outcomes for children with disabilities. This presentation will focus on how to advocate for your child at their school by helping to build your child’s IEP. They will gladly be available for Q&A.

April 12, 2017 – Miki Wong, MACO, RD, YFT is a clinical dietitian at Shriner’s Hospital for Children. She will give an overview of the health properties of the ketogenic diet and how it impacts individuals with epilepsy. The ketogenic diet consists of a high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet that changes the way the body uses energy; leading to elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood called ketosis. This  can cause a reduction in the severity and frequency of seizures.  A meal sample will also be available.
Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity to connect with others living with epilepsy, caregivers and supporters.

June 14, 2017 – Listen, talk story, and learn about the history of cannabis as a medicine, its use here in Hawaii, and what is happening now in the industry. Discussion will include how to get a medical marijuana card, what products will be available, testing,  as well as current status of dispensaries and state systems. Also receive the most up to date info on HB 1488 which adds epilepsy as a qualifying medical condition.

August 9, 2017 – Music Therapy – 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM      200 N. Vineyard Blvd., Hon, HI  96817            Building A – Oahu Conference Room

Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. After assessing the strengths and needs of each individual, the qualified music therapist provides the indicated treatment including creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music. Through musical involvement in the therapeutic context, individuals’ abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives. Music therapy also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.
Sounding Joy Music Therapy, Inc., is Hawaii’s first and only non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing music therapy services. We currently serve individuals and groups on Oahu and Maui. We believe the power of music can transform people’s lives significantly.

October 11, 2017 – Service Animals: What does that entail? – 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM – 200 N. Vineyard Blvd.,, Honolulu, HI  96817           Building A – 5th floor Conference Room

Learn, talk story and ask questions on the difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal, procedures on how to qualify for a service animal, DOE policies and frequently asked questions.

October 19th & 20th – HAWAII ISLAND Talk Story in Kona and Hilo from 6-8pm – Medical Cannabis in Hawaii 

Listen, talk story, and learn about the history and science of cannabis as a medicine, with a focus on epilepsy and other state qualifying conditions. Discussion will include how to get a medical marijuana card, navigating state rules  and regulations, and what dispensaries will have to offer.

October 19, 2017 – KONA – 6-8pm @ Kona Coffee and Tea – 74-5588 Palani Road, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  96740

October 20, 2017 – HILO – 6-8pm @ Hilo Seaside Conference Room – 126 Banyon Way, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

RSVP to either or both events via, email or call 808-528-3058

December 13, 2017 – Share Your Story – 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM – 200 N. Vineyard Blvd, 5th Floor Conference Room

Everyone that lives with epilepsy has a story. That story can bring comfort and empowerment to someone else knowing that they’re not alone in their journey. Join us in exchanging stories of challenges, hope, and support.